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From entertainment for children and adults to sports activities, EX-ALTO and its experienced project managers and entertainers have been here for years for all age groups. Our daily program is the basis of user access.

The whole programme ends in the evening with a wide variety of simple and catchy games and skits in which hotel guests actively participate the whole time. By decreasing the number of performers we have made our product more competitive and we are more focused on the quality of the performance. We adapt to the individual needs and wishes of our customers through direct communication and the skills of our employees who speak several foreign languages. Therefore, we are able to implement programmes in foreign languages which are the most common such as English, German, French and Italian as well as in those which are less common such as Dutch, Polish, Russian and Czech.



Various hotel facilities intended for our youngest guests, creative workshops and all-day events that attract the attention of every child.

The emphasis in our programmes is on activities that encourage development of motor skills, communication, social and creative skills from an early age.


Sport is more than recreation, games are more than mere entertainment; enjoyable sporting and wellness activities are appealing to everyone (bystanders and active participants) since the activities are carefully chosen and led by our charismatic staff.Our activities are the hot spot for entertainment in hotels and destinations.

GEM Guest Experience Management



The gourmet offer is the basic element of experience in the tourism industry. By serving the best food and drinks we make your party a fun and crazy experience. Let your taste buds run wild!


The EX-ALTO team oozes charisma at all times! By following the latest trends in communication and being in a multi-cultural environment we are able to evoke enthusiasm and strong emotions. We shake up the Adriatic with a cocktail of fun and great experiences!



The EX-ALTO experience

With a carefully selected team of trained young idealists who find personal fulfillment in the work they do we are able to achieve success! We are lucky to have a very young, creative, educated, hyperactive, charming, stylish, flexible and friendly staff. They are on a unique mission: to create an unforgetable EX-ALTO experience. Have fun with us!


Destination management and tourism promotion


An unusual exhibition of underwater photography “DIVE IN” by Marjan Radovic was presented in May 2012 at Hotel Corinthia on the island of Krk.

The exhibition organised by the agency EX-ALTO in collaboration with Hotel Baška sparked tourist and hotel guests’ interest since the exhibition was held under water, literally.

Photographs of the underwater world were exhibited in Hotel Corinthia’s large pool and visitors had to dive into the pool to “experience“ the exhibited photographs.

The photos I presented in this exhibition capture the Kvarner region and they were taken over the last few years. I’m using underwater photography to draw tourist and public attention to the beauty of the Adriatic seabed and I’m also trying to encourage social awareness by promoting ecology and marine conservation,“ said the author of the exhibition and photographer Marjan Radović.

Education and consulting

“I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.“ – Galileo

We learn something new everyday, especially from the people who surround us. Due to the nature of our business, we have had the chance to meet an extremely large number of clients that come from different cultural backgrounds. With the help of our experienced trainers we have gathered unique knowledge and skills in public speaking, presentation techniques, business culture, crisis communication, destination management and experiental tourism.

EX-ALTO AD PORTAS training program – on the threshold of the knowledge society AD PORTAS (an advisory and educational program) was originally designed for tourism employees, entrepreneurs, managers and heads of divisions in complex companies and young adults who are yet to face the greatest professional training challenges.