About Us


1996 the founders of the agency started working in the tourism industry.

2002 EX-ALTO Consulting was established. It was the first Croatian agency to create tourism experience through recreation and entertainment in hotels. Back then our team consisted of 3 employees and 5 clients.

2004 EX-ALTO Consulting was operating in almost all significant Croatian tourist destinations and forming offers which included a complete destination experience in cooperation with tourism boards and other partners.


The group comprises 2 agencies, 7 employees and 200 satisfied clients. We cover the key areas of experiential communication, develop existing services and are constantly introducing new ones in accordance with the needs of our clients and the changing market.


EX-ALTO is a consulting group that will overcome every obstacle as there are no limits in good business! Keeping track of the market, developing innovative ideas and further education are part of our everyday life. We’re ready for all the challenges that tomorrow brings and we look forward to them!