A Christmas Story

“A Christmas Story” is a holiday lighting and decorating competition between Croatian and international brands. The aim is to light up the streets, squares and cultural institutions of Zagreb in the most imaginative and most captivating way. Selected locations in the city will be lit in an innovative, specially designed, creative and new way, which will provide an unforgettable experience for residents and tourists. In a time of global and national economic crises, “A Christmas Story” will contribute to an atmosphere of optimism, particularly during the holiday season and it will inspire people to remember repressed and forgotten family values, to preserve tradition, to spend time with friends, stroll around Zrinjevac Park, Radićeva and Tkalčićeva Street.The Croatian National Tourist Board has recognized the value of this project and has pronounced it one of six projects which are of great interest for the development of the destination’s image. “A Christmas Story” is an integral part of Zagreb Tourist Board’s project “Advent in Zagreb“. The EX-ALTO agency manages the destination image development project with support from the City of Zagreb, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Zagreb Tourist Board. EX-ALTO successfully carried out a pilot project in 2009 in collaboration with the Comedy Theatre, Jutarnji list, Coca-Cola and HGZ, which continued in 2010 when the existing partners were joined by Hoteli Baška, the Zagreb Tourist Board and the City of Vukovar, which constitutes the humanitarian part of the project.