The winners of the photo contest Team EX-ALTO SUMMER 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed tourist entertainers and all those with this aspiration,

It has become a tradition that every year we give awards to the best photograph taken by our EX-ALTO summer teams. Based on all submitted photographs, which can be found in the album on our FB profile, we are convinced that it has been an unforgettable, crazy and fun summer. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we shall say no more but encourage you to take a look at the photographs in our album 2013 EX-ALTO ENTERTAINMENT SUMMER. We admire your wit and creativity and we look forward to the next photo contest of the season 2014!

But let us go a step back and announce the winners of this year’s photo contest Team EX-ALTO Summer 2013.

1022 likes overall collected by today (October 29th, 2013) were sufficient to announce the photograph of the Baška Team as the winning photograph of the photo contest. To revise, the only criteria by which a photograph was able to win was the number of likes it had collected, which meant that YOU were the one who chose the winner.

Pobjednicka fotka - TEAM Baška 2013
The winning photograph – Team Baška 2013

The winners have won an unforgettable and well-deserved wellness weekend at the LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin, and the winners are the Baška Team whose photo can be found in our gallery.

The Baška Team 2013:


This year exceptionally we have decided to award the creators of the video clip, which we might have as a new category next year. Since at the moment the video is still not available to the public, we suggest that the video screening should soon be held at Sveti Martin (announcement should soon follow).

The winners of the Hotel Malin Team 2013:


We use this opportunity to once again congratulate the winners and to wish them a relaxed weekend at the Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin!

To all others we wish good luck and many creative photographs next year as well.

See you at Sveti Martin!

P.S. We would like to mention the second and third runners-up with the collected likes.

Drugoplasirani - TEAM Biograd 2013 Second runner-up: TEAM Biograd 2013 (381 likes)
Trećeplasirani - TEAM Njivice 2013 Third runner-up – TEAM Njivice 2013 (306 likes)