Xmas Story

1st December 2012.

The lighting of the Xmas decorations marked the beginning of the “XMAS STORY AT ZRINJEVAC”

Advent in Zagreb has officially begun with the ceremonial lighting of the Xmas decorations in the joint organization of the Zagreb Tourist Board and the project “Xmas Story – The most beautiful Xmas street”. The project “Xmas story” was set up to encourage the city’s decoration, to create a special Xmas spirit in the city centre and to spread the good spirit of Xmas.
Antonia Radić, the author and the organizer of the project “Xmas Story – The most beautiful Xmas street” and Marlisa Fašaić, the special projects manager of the Zagreb Tourist Board, ceremoniously switched on the lights and officially opened the Xmas story at Zrinjevac.
The Croatian Tourist Board has chosen to be a special sponsor of our “Xmas story” project which also includes “Holidays Coolture”.

Amongst fierce competition, the “Xmas story” has been declared as an event of a great importance for tourism in the City of Zagreb.
This year we also expect a great public interest and the already traditional cooperation from the newspapers Jutarnj list, Jutarnji.hr, the Komedija Theatre as well as from many other sponsors. We also hope a greater number of cultural sights will become a part of the “Xmas story”.